Facts on Youth

Published by CHJ since 2005, CHJ's Facts on Youth research briefs present timely and important findings related to youth involved in public systems.

Some of our recent issues:

Year Titlesort descending PDF or Related Link
2011 Teen Birth Rate in U.S. Continues Decline, Racial/Ethnic Disparities Persist
FOY 2011, April
2011 Teenage Alcohol Use Under Adult Supervision Linked to Harmful Consequences
FOY 2011, July
2011 Three in Five High School Students Who Consume Alcohol Report Binge Drinking
FOY 2011, January
2013 Transferring Youth to Adult Court: Increase in Re-arrest Rate for Those with Non-violent Offenses, Decrease in Rate for Those with Violent Offenses
FOY 2013, Issue 1
2011 Youth Cigarette Use Linked to Smoking in Top-Grossing Movies
FOY 2011, August
2013 Youth Incarceration Continues Significant Decline, but Racial/Ethnic Disparities Persist
FOY 2013, Issue 2
2012 Youth Perception of Parental Disapproval Linked to Lower Rates of Substance Use Among Youth
FOY 2012, January