The Justice & Health Collaborative

Maximizing Healthcare Reform Opportunities for Justice Systems

Healthcare reform presents both challenges and opportunities for healthcare provider systems and justice structures across the country. The Justice & Health Collaborative (JHC) is a joint project of the Center for Health and Justice, Advocates for Human Potential (AHP), and Legal Action Center (LAC), and to help address the challenges and maximize the opportunities of healthcare reform. Collaborative members combine efforts and expertise to help justice and healthcare systems:          

  • Understand what the new health reform resources are and how they can benefit people under justice supervision
  • Reduce recidivism and build public safety by leveraging these resources
  • Take strategic approaches to:
  • Aligning Medicaid and Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment activities with justice processes
  • Linking people under supervision to care in the community on a broad scale
  • Working with community medical, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers to expand capacity in the new environment
  • Integrating technology between justice and health organizations to improve validation, enrollment, and service delivery
  • Improve health outcomes for people under justice supervision
  • Reduce administration and healthcare delivery costs
  • Save organizational time and effort


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