Planning in Winnebago County, Illinois

In 2013, with support from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and the Rockford Health Council, the Chief Judge of the 17th Circuit (north central Illinois) convened a planning process to anticipate the benefits of the ACA for the jurisdiction, inviting TASC as co-facilitators. Through several working groups and various stakeholder collaborations, justice and health partners are working together to determine how best to align health insurance coverage and broad linkage to care with justice system processes. The partners are implementing Medicaid application processes within the courts, probation, and the county jail, and are working with community providers on expansion of medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment capacity. Through these programs, it is expected that access to healthcare can be expanded at all levels along the criminal justice continuum, thereby reducing the costs and burdens placed on the justice system by large percentages of people with untreated health conditions.

Winnebago County, Illinois
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