TASC-CHJ Medicaid Policy Series

Medicaid Reforms to Support Criminal Justice Populations

Medicaid expansion coupled with the criminal justice reform movement presents an unprecedented opportunity to build a criminal justice system—one that takes on a public health approach rather than a warehousing approach. With so many individuals cycling in and out jail and prison with unmet physical and behavioral health conditions, the justice system is an access point that warrants special attention.

This series contains policy briefs on several Medicaid-related policies that each state should consider implementing to help bolster criminal justice reform. It begins with the vision: Building Bridges to Care for individuals being released from jail or prison. It continues onto a comprehensive set of recommendations for ways states can design their Medicaid program to better serve the justice population. It also includes a further breakdown of several of the recommendations and more, specifically it includes examples for other states as well as details concerning implementation.

Individual Briefs:

TASC’s Medicaid Policy Series is designed to help leaders maximize the opportunities of Medicaid expansion in order to more swiftly and effectively connect justice populations to healthcare services in the community. The lead author of the series was then TASC Administrator of Medicaid Policy and Program Development Sherie Arriazola.


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