No Entry: A Survey of Prosecutorial Diversion in Illinois

The Center for Health and Justice has published a survey of prosecutorial diversion in Illinois, describing 54 programs operating in 37 counties, based on information submitted by prosecutors on the programs and options offered in their jurisdictions.

The 2017 report, “No Entry: A Survey of Prosecutorial Diversion in Illinois,” presents information collected on program authorization, oversight, target populations, goals, structure, services, outcomes, and evaluation. It offers observations and recommendations intended to guide criminal justice practitioners and other stakeholders in the development, implementation, expansion, replication, and improvement of diversion programs.

As the latest in its No Entry series, this report complements earlier efforts "No Entry: A National Survey of Criminal Justice Diversion Programs and Initiatives" (2014) and "No Entry: Improving Public Safety through Cost-Effective Alternatives to Incarceration in Illinois" (2007).

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