A Primer on Drug Addiction, Crime, and Treatment

Report published by the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) (November 2007). Prompted by the significant racial disproportionality in prison admissions for drug crimes in Illinois, ICJIA commissioned an in-depth analysis of the problem. The products of the analysis consist of four complementary reports examining the disproportionate confinement of minority drug offenders.

This report is the fourth and final in the series. It discusses the intersection of drug addiction, crime, drug treatment, and system reform, and consists of four sections, focusing on drug addiction, crime, drug treatment, and system reform. The first section describes drug abuse and dependence and discusses the types and effects of drugs, the addictive process, and the nature and extent of substance use disorders. The second section explains the basic categories of drug offenses, the federal schedule of illegal drugs, the relationship between drug use and crime, and the prevalence of drug use and substance use disorders in the general and correctional populations. The third section briefly discusses the types of treatments for addiction, summarizes evidence for the effectiveness of drug treatment, and reviews the principles of science-validated drug treatment , including the usefulness of coerced drug treatment for people under the control of the criminal justice system. The fourth and final section presents a comprehensive framework of drug-related justice reforms as an alternative to the prevailing criminalization model of addiction.

State: Illinois
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