Special Issue: Reforming the Criminal Justice System in the United States

Special issue of the Prison Journal (September 2011, Vol. 91) presenting a series articles in which several of the nation's preeminent criminal justice researchers discuss strategic solutions that can reverse the costly incarceration trends of the past 30 years.

The issue was guest edited by Pamela F. Rodriguez (TASC, Inc.), with Harry K. Wexler (National Development and Research Institutes [NDRI]) and Arthur J. Lurigio (Loyola University Chicago).

Articles in the issue include:

Harry K. Wexler, Arthur J. Lurigio, and Pamela F. Rodriguez: Reforming the Criminal Justice System in the United States: Issues and Recommendations
Alfred Blumstein: Bringing Down the U.S. Prison Population
Douglas B. Marlowe: Evidence-Based Policies and Practices for Drug-Involved Offenders
Francis T. Cullen, Cheryl Lero Jonson, and Daniel S. Nagin: Prisons Do Not Reduce Recidivism: The High Cost of Ignoring Science
Arthur J. Lurigio: People With Serious Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System: Causes, Consequences, and Correctives
Marc Mauer: Addressing Racial Disparities in Incarceration
Christy A. Visher and Jeremy Travis: Life on the Outside: Returning Home after Incarceration
Brandon C. Welsh and David P. Farrington: The Benefits and Costs of Early Prevention Compared With Imprisonment: Toward Evidence-Based Policy
Todd R. Clear and Dennis Schrantz: Strategies for Reducing Prison Populations