Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Improving Treatment Access, Effectiveness, and Recovery

Addictive disorders and mental health problems have played a fundamental role in the population explosion of the U.S. justice system. CHJ offers solutions that reflect a scientific understanding of the physiological and psychological nature of these disorders, as well as expertise in how to effectively incorporate treatment and recovery support into justice sanctions.

Here is some of our work in this issue area:

Year Type Title PDF or Related Link
2013 Facts on Justice Diverting Individuals With Substance Use Disorders from Incarceration to Community Treatment Saves Billions, Prevents Crime
  • pdf
    FOJ 2013, Issue 1
2013 Article Racial Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System for Drug Offenses: A State Legislative Response to the ProblemArticle published in Race and Justice (January 2013, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 83-101). The article describes the work of the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study Commission, a nonpartisan, multidisciplinary group of policy makers,... link
2013 Article Anticipating the Impact of Health Care Reform on the Criminal Justice SystemPublished by the National Association for Court Management (NACM) in Court Manager (Spring 2013, Vol. 27, Issue 4), the article focuses on the implications and opportunities of health care reform for criminal justice systems, particularly with... link
2012 Facts on Justice Youth with Serious Offenses and Substance Use Disorders Lack Community Treatment
  • pdf
    FOJ 2012, March
2012 Facts on Justice Across Ten U.S. Sites, Most Men Who Are Arrested Test Positive for Illicit Drugs
  • pdf
    FOJ 2012, May
2012 Facts on Justice Prison Drug Treatment Remains Sparse; Females Likelier to Access It
  • pdf
    FOJ 2012, Winter
2012 Facts on Youth Youth Perception of Parental Disapproval Linked to Lower Rates of Substance Use Among Youth
  • pdf
    FOY 2012, January
2012 Facts on Youth One in Five Ninth-Graders at Risk for Mental Health Problems; School-based Services Accessed More than Community Services
  • pdf
    FOY 2012, April
2012 Facts on Youth At-Risk Youth Participation in Arts Associated with Higher Rates of Volunteerism and College Completion
  • pdf
    FOY 2012, June
2012 Facts on Youth Family Support Linked to Success in Juvenile Drug Court Program
  • pdf
    FOY 2012, Fall
2012 Program Evaluation Cook County Mental Health Court Program: Outcomes and Cost Savings
  • pdf
    CCMHC Outcomes
2012 Program Evaluation Recovery Coach Program Increases Family Reunification
  • pdf
    RCP Outcomes
2012 Training Training for Madison County, IllinoisIn support of Madison County's Adult Redeploy initiative, CHJ provided training on offender cultures, probation supervision, post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans, and implications of the Affordable Care Act. The Adult Redeploy initiative...
2012 Technical Assistance Technical Assistance on Evidence-Based SentencingAs an outgrowth of the Justice Leaders Systems Change Initiative, CHJ provided technical assistance for ad litem attorneys in Bexar County, TX on evidence-based sentencing for drug-involved offenders, recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC), and...
2012 Technical Assistance Statewide Criminal Justice Framework for Behavioral Health IntegrationFor the State of Ohio, CHJ produced a statewide diversion and reentry plan, integrating behavioral health treatment with criminal justice systems. In phase two, we are consulting with the state on health homes for offenders.
2012 Report or Paper Sustainability for Publicly-Funded Behavioral Health and Justice Grant ProgramsTechnical assistance paper published by SAMHSA's GAINS Center for Behavioral Health and Justice Transformation. The paper discusses how pilot projects and demonstration programs can extend their impact from one-time efforts to sustainable... link
2011 Article Article: Realizing the Potential of National Health Care Reform to Reduce Criminal Justice Expenditures and Recidivism Among Jail PopulationsArticle in Correctional Law Reporter. Authors: McDonnell, M., Brookes, L., Lurigio, A., Baille, D.
2011 Report or Paper Case Management for Substance Abusing OffendersBook chapter in Handbook of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings. Author: Rodriguez, P. In C. Leukefeld et al. (eds.), Handbook of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings. Issues in...
2011 Article Reforming the Criminal Justice System in the United States: Issues and RecommendationsJournal article published in special issue of the Prison Journal (September 2011, Vol. 91), which which presented a series articles in which several of the nation's preeminent criminal justice researchers discuss strategic solutions that can... link
2011 Facts on Justice Problem Substance Use Driving Incarceration; More Than 4 in 5 Adults Behind Bars Substance Involved
  • pdf
    FOJ 2011, January