Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Improving Treatment Access, Effectiveness, and Recovery

Addictive disorders and mental health problems have played a fundamental role in the population explosion of the U.S. justice system. CHJ offers solutions that reflect a scientific understanding of the physiological and psychological nature of these disorders, as well as expertise in how to effectively incorporate treatment and recovery support into justice sanctions.

Here is some of our work in this issue area:

Year Type Title PDF or Related Link
2011 Facts on Justice Problem Substance Use Driving Incarceration; More Than 4 in 5 Adults Behind Bars Substance Involved
  • pdf
    FOJ 2011, January
2011 Facts on Youth Three in Five High School Students Who Consume Alcohol Report Binge Drinking
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, January
2011 Facts on Youth Prevalence of Substance Use Higher Among Incarcerated Youth
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, February
2011 Facts on Youth Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth Less Likely to Receive Treatment for Major Depression
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, March
2011 Facts on Youth High School Students with Extreme Obesity More Likely to Engage in Some High-Risk Behaviors
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, May
2011 Facts on Youth Excessive Screen Time Linked to Engagement in Risk Behaviors
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, June
2011 Facts on Youth Teenage Alcohol Use Under Adult Supervision Linked to Harmful Consequences
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, July
2011 Facts on Youth Youth Cigarette Use Linked to Smoking in Top-Grossing Movies
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, August
2011 Facts on Youth Parent Military Deployment Associated With Impaired Well-being Among Adolescents
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, November
2011 Facts on Youth Substance Use Disorders Greatest Among Youth of Native American, Multiple Race/Ethnicity, White, and Hispanic Backgrounds
  • pdf
    FOY 2011, December
2011 Report or Paper Realizing the Potential of National Health Care Reform to Reduce Criminal Justice Expenditures and Recidivism Among Jail Populations (COCHS Paper)Paper presented at a conference of Community Oriented Correctional Health Services (COCHS) in 2011. The goal of the conference was to bring attention to potential opportunities that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may create for communities to better... link
2011 Report or Paper Special Issue: Reforming the Criminal Justice System in the United StatesSpecial issue of the Prison Journal (September 2011, Vol. 91) presenting a series articles in which several of the nation's preeminent criminal justice researchers discuss strategic solutions that can reverse the costly incarceration trends of the... link
2011 Fact Sheet, Slides, Support Resource Presentation Slides: Criminal Justice Reform: Issues and Recommendations for CorrectionsSlides presented at a Congressional briefing to introduce a special issue of the Prison Journal (September 2011, Vol. 91), which presented a series articles in which several of the nation's preeminent criminal justice researchers discuss strategic...
  • pdf
    Slide Presentation
2011 Technical Assistance Systems Consulting: Maximizing State Treatment ResourcesFor the State of Ohio, we facilitated a multidisciplinary workgroup process with criminal justice, health, community, and business organizations to maximize treatment resources for the greatest impact.
2010 Article, Interview Reforming Our Expectations About Juvenile JusticeArticle published in Reclaiming Children and Youth (Summer 2010, Vol. 19, No. 2). Typing the term "juvenile justice reform" into an Internet search will result in 60 pages of entries. But what is meant by juvenile justice reform? What does it... link
2010 Article, Interview The Unmet Need for Mental Health Services Among Probationers’ ChildrenArticle in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation (February 2010, Vol. 49, No. 2). This study explores the unmet need for mental health services among children with parents on probation. A group of 77 probationers provided information on 170... link
2010 Report or Paper Final Report: Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study (DJIS) CommissionCHJ served as staff to the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study (DJIS) Commission, created in the State of Illinois under Public Act 97-0433. As staff to the Commission, CHJ analyzed data from the Cook County Clerk and the llinois State...
  • pdf
    Executive Summary
  • pdf
    Full Report
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2009 Service Focus or Project Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study (DJIS) CommissionThe Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study (DJIS) Commission was formed in 2009 as a nonpartisan, multi-disciplinary group of policymakers, agency leaders, and justice professionals charged by Illinois state law (Public Act 095-0995) with...
2009 Report or Paper A Recruiting and Hiring Manual for Addictions ProfessionalsA hiring manual and recruiting materials designed to help strengthen and diversify the profession of addictions treatment. This paper provides information designed to help understand the current challenges and future directions of the addictions... link
2009 Article, Interview Recovery-Oriented Care for Drug-Abusing OffendersArticle published in Addiction Science and Clinical Practice (April 2009, Vol. 5, No. 1). The article affirms that a recovery-oriented system of care for drug-abusing criminal offenders is one that provides for continuity of treatment, using... link