Systems Change

Bringing to Scale Lasting Improvements for Criminal Justice Systems

We help states and jurisdictions develop integrated and aligned interventions at every phase of justice involvement, from arrest through reentry. Our system change work addresses behavioral health conditions and related criminal behavior, thereby promoting public safety and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Here is some of our work in this issue area:

Year Type Title PDF or Related Link
2014 Facts on Youth Issue 2: Youth Incarceration Linked to Problems Functioning in Society
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    FOY 2014, Issue 2
2014 Service Focus or Project No Entry: Stop the Revolving Door of Drugs & CrimeThe Center for Health and Justice at TASC (CHJ) promotes a public policy strategy of No Entry, designed to reverse the flow of drug-involved individuals going into and through the criminal justice system. No Entry involves structured, clinical...
2014 Fact Sheet, Slides, Support Resource JLSCI Fact Sheet: Systems Change Initiative Offers Practical Solutions for Criminal Justice LeadersThis fact sheet explains the Justice Leaders Systems Change Initiative (JLSCI), which helps local jurisdictions create and implement practical, collaborative responses to substance abuse and addiction among offenders. For more information on this...
  • pdf
    JLSCI Fact Sheet
2013 Fact Sheet, Slides, Support Resource CMS Ten Ways SeriesThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a series of fact sheets that provide guidance tailored to various justice system stakeholders on how to connect individuals detained in jails, incarcerated in prisons, and on parole in...
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    Court Systems
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    Probation & Parole
2013 Service Focus or Project Planning in Winnebago County, Illinois In 2013, with support from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and the Rockford Health Council, the Chief Judge of the 17th Circuit (north central Illinois) convened a planning process to anticipate the benefits of the ACA for the...
2013 Service Focus or Project Medicaid Application Assistance in a Jail SettingThe Cook County jail is the largest single-site jail in the United States, holding some 9,000 individuals at any given time. The vast majority—90 percent—are pretrial detainees, and 50 percent are released within two weeks. Serious mental health and...
2013 Service Focus or Project Illinois Governor’s Healthcare Reform Implementation Council: Work Group on Justice PopulationsIn 2011, the Illinois Governor’s Office convened the Workgroup on Justice Populations (WJP). Comprised of high-level representatives from state behavioral health, corrections and Medicaid agencies, the WJP has been actively developing strategies to...
2013 Technical Assistance, Training Statewide Training for the Criminal Justice System on the Affordable Care ActIn preparation for the first open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), beginning in October 2013, TASC provided training for all court jurisdictions across Illinois on the basics of the Act, enrolling people under probation or...
2013 Facts on Justice Risk of Recidivism Significantly Lower for Adults Who Received Education in Correctional Settings
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    FOJ 2013, Issue 3
2013 Facts on Youth Homicide Rates of Victims Aged 10-24 Continue to Fall, But at Slower Pace; Prevention and Focused Deterrence Needed
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    FOY 2013, Issue 3
2013 Fact Sheet, Slides, Support Resource Leveraging National Health Reform to Reduce Recidivism and Build RecoveryPresented to the National TASC Conference, May 2013 This presentation narrates the benefit the criminal justice system can gain from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and motivates stakeholders in the criminal justice arena to take advantage of these...
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    Natl TASC Slides
2013 Fact Sheet, Slides, Support Resource Aligning Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Expansion with the Courts and Justice AgenciesPresented to the Justice & Health Initiative (JHI) Provider Working Group, June 4, 2013   People under justice supervision are very likely to have substance use disorders, serious mental illness and/or chronic medical conditions...
2013 Service Focus or Project The Justice & Health CollaborativeMaximizing Healthcare Reform Opportunities for Justice Systems Healthcare reform presents both challenges and opportunities for healthcare provider systems and justice structures across the country. The Justice & Health Collaborative (JHC)...
2013 Article, Interview Racial Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System for Drug Offenses: A State Legislative Response to the ProblemArticle published in Race and Justice (January 2013, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 83-101). The article describes the work of the Illinois Disproportionate Justice Impact Study Commission, a nonpartisan, multidisciplinary group of policy makers,... link
2013 Facts on Youth Transferring Youth to Adult Court: Increase in Re-arrest Rate for Those with Non-violent Offenses, Decrease in Rate for Those with Violent Offenses
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    FOY 2013, Issue 1
2013 Article, Interview Anticipating the Impact of Health Care Reform on the Criminal Justice SystemPublished by the National Association for Court Management (NACM) in Court Manager (Spring 2013, Vol. 27, Issue 4), the article focuses on the implications and opportunities of health care reform for criminal justice systems, particularly with... link
2012 Service Focus or Project The Justice & Health Initiative (Cook County, Illinois)Through the support of The Chicago Community Trust, TASC is facilitating a health reform strategy and implementation process on behalf of the Presiding Judge of the Cook County Criminal Courts, bringing together leaders from the justice and health...
2012 Facts on Justice Private Prison Population Grows 80% in Past Decade
  • pdf
    FOJ 2012, July
2012 Report or Paper Final Report: Illinois Racial and Ethnic Impact (REI) Research Task ForceUnder the co-chairpersonship of State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) and State Representative La Shawn K. Ford (D-Chicago), and with members named specifically by the law or appointed by State Senate and House leaders, the REI Research Task Force...
  • pdf
    Executive Summary
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    Full Report
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2012 Training Training for Madison County, IllinoisIn support of Madison County's Adult Redeploy initiative, CHJ provided training on offender cultures, probation supervision, post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans, and implications of the Affordable Care Act. The Adult Redeploy initiative...